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Industrial cleaning of water from salts for heavy metals and other contaminants

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On June 5 - in the World day of environmental protection and Day of the ecologist in State Darwin Museum the annual awards ceremony of winners of the competition "National Ecological Award 2015" took place, and also Russian citizens and the company who take an active position on environmental protection and are carried out by various ecological actions. Among awarded were: The CEO of JSC “NPO “ECOSERVICE” - A. V. Scherbakov, the leading engineer of JSC “NPO “ECOSERVICE” — V. I. Zavyalov, N. A. Voronina — the Environmental Engineer of the First Category of Department of Environmental Protection “Ulan-Udensky Lokomotivovagonoremontny plant”, JSC Kursk Plant “Mayak”, JSC “Radiozavod” and the “Ulan-Ude Lokomotivovagonoremontny plant” - for introduction of Blocks of cleaning of the galvanic drains constructed by JSC “NPO “ECOSERVICE”.
Awards were handed by the Chairman of the board of the Russian ecological union, the President of Rosekopress Association - M. L. Borozin,professor of chair of management of environmental management and environmental protections of the Russian academy of national economy and public service, the Doctor of Economics S. V. Krichevsky.

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