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Industrial cleaning of water from salts for heavy metals and other contaminants

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Materials for water treatment can be of different composition, we will consider more specifically the example of materials for filtration. The sorbent for water purification ABECORB® in appearance is a granular ceramic material. It is made in the form of granules of various colors, ranging from gray to pale pink hue.
The positive side of this sorption representative is simple to determine based on the characteristics of AVECORB®. It provides effective treatment of sewage to the norms of maximum permissible concentration limits of the fishery reservoir, it makes it possible to increase the safety and efficiency of existing facilities for cleaning, excluding the formation of microorganisms in the filtering layer. This material allows simultaneous purification from several types of pollutants at a highly effective level. In addition, the use of such a good filter material reduces the cost of reagents, and the production cycle is provided by a closed ring of ecological water use.

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The unique sorbent ABECORB® is a ceramic microgranule with a grain size of up to five millimeters and a diameter of up to two millimeters. Color - from light gray to light pink. It is made from high quality kaolin by passing special heat treatment.
ABECORB® Sorbent is the "heart" of the technology of Ecoservice Ltd. It is a sorbent that, on the one hand, possesses unique physicochemical properties that allow achieving an excellent degree of purification, on the other hand it is easy to maintain, practically eternal ( abrasion of 5-7% per year), is made of environmentally friendly material, retains its sorption properties to complete abrasion and, accordingly, does not require recycling.
Separately, we should say about the good economic effect. Introduction of technologies with the use of ABECORB® makes it possible to organize a closed cycle of water consumption, which allows to save considerably on water disposal. In addition, the sorbent has a lower cost compared to other analogs.




Energy costs,

 for 1m3

Expenses for consumables
, for 1m3

Expenses for activation
and regeneration, for 1m3

Cleaning costs 1m3
industrial effluents

Ceramic Filtering
granular material

 2 kWh  0,5 rub.  0,1 rub.  3-12 rub.
Reverse osmosis  10 kWh  5 rub.  10 rub.  70-100 rub.
Electrocoagulation  30 kWh  7 rub.  10 rub.  80-110 rub.
Evaporation plant  70 kWh  10 rub.  15 rub.  200-400 rub.
Ion exchange resins  10 kWh  10 rub.  8 rub.  60-100 rub.

This calculation did not take into account the costs of recycling the waste generated. In contrast to all other technologies, where, in addition to the sludge, a hazardous waste is formed - the eluate, in the technology with the use of ABECORB® sorbent, as a result of water purification, only 3-4 hazard classes and pure water are formed.



The action of ABECORB® is based on the passage of contaminated water through microgranules in which the conversion of metal cations to hydroxides occurs. In this case, the ability of granules to retain metal hydroxides on the surface plays a significant role.
A characteristic feature of sorption purification is the group of metal hydroxides, per one active replaceable ion, rather than one, as for ion-exchange technologies. The resulting hydroxide colonies are kept on the granules by weak bonds. To purify the sorbent, it is sufficient to perform intensive washing with running water.


AVESORB® is actively used not only for cleaning industrial and waste water from heavy metals. The porous structure of the granules makes it possible to use a sorbent to produce drinking water of good quality.
Important. 15-year experience has shown that the degree of purification of industrial effluents with the help of a sorbent allows to discharge water into reservoirs without causing any harm to them.
You can place an order for the sorbent for water treatment and we will send you the required quantity within 5 working days. In addition, you will be directed to the filtering instruction and certifying documents. In addition, you can always discuss all the issues with our specialists by calling us on the phone: (4812) 357715, 311930, 8-800-775-5623


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