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Industrial cleaning of water from salts for heavy metals and other contaminants

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At the request of the Customer, we can conduct pre-project surveys; on the basis of the completed questionnaire within 3-5 working days we will prepare a technical and commercial proposal in which the customer will be provided with a technological scheme, an approximate list of purchased products and an approximate cost calculation (all this is calculated depending on the Customer's wishes and financial capabilities); prepare a draft of treatment facilities; Develop environmental documentation and coordinate it with regulatory authorities; perform installation or installation supervision (at the request of the Customer); carry out commissioning; prepare operating instructions and train maintenance personnel.

Yes it can

AVESORB® has proven itself for cleaning industrial effluents from salts of heavy metals that are capable of converting to hydroxides. These are metals such as: copper, chromium, zinc, lead, cadmium, nickel, manganese, iron, tin, bismuth, etc. Cleaning parameters are the third, fourth decimal place, i.e. this exceeds the MPC requirements.

This technology already operates on dozens of the largest enterprises of Russia from Vyborg to Ulan-Ude and from Krasnodar to Murmansk. With a short list of enterprises you can find in the section "Our customers" and, in addition, you can contact the contact persons at these enterprises, ask them the questions you are interested in and even agree on a visit to these enterprises to get acquainted with the work of our treatment plants.

AVESORB® has a number of unique advantages, incl. that it works before self-abrasion and retains high sorption capacity for the whole period of work in the filters. The sorption of the sorbent is no more than 5% per year. Therefore, by purchasing 2 volumes of sorbent, you will provide them with your enterprise for 20 years!

Activation of ABECORB® is carried out with a 3% solution of magnesium sulphate (or chloride) and treatment with a 3% solution of alkali. These solutions are of low cost and can be used many times. Sorbent regeneration is a routine water flushing with purified water, which will also allow the company to save money significantly.

Yes it is possible. Most of our customers use recycled water supply at treatment facilities.

The experience of enterprises that have implemented our technology of industrial sewage treatment shows that the payback period is from 1 to 3 years.


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