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Industrial cleaning of water from salts for heavy metals and other contaminants

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For active work and the results achieved in the field of ecology Director General of " EKOSERVIS " Alexey V. Shcherbakov was awarded the title " green " man of the Year.


20 years the Board of the Russian ecological union, Council for problems of a sustainable development of Russia, the Council of Associations "Rosekopress" appropriate a rank, honourable among ecologists and nature security guardsвания «the "Green" Person of Year". For active work and the reached results in the field of ecology to the CEO of the ECOSERVICE company Alexey Vladislavovich Scherbakov the rank the "Green person of year" is given.

VETISHKO Eugene G. - Ecology ( Environmental Watch on North Caucasus )

Soldatov Vera A. - State Counselor of Justice Class III ( Volga Interregional Environmental Prosecutor's Office )

Fedor Terentiev - ecologist , chairman of the Save Pechora

Alexey V. Shcherbakov - CEO of " EKOSERVIS "

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