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Industrial cleaning of water from salts for heavy metals and other contaminants

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Svid. SRO NGHPTreatment facilities systems designed and constructed many years ago have practically depleted their resources. Therefore, the problem of new treatment facilities building and old facilities reconstruction is thrown into sharp relief. However, before the start of construction or reconstruction, a design has to be created.
At present, treatment facilities design is a complex, multi-step and high tech kind of activity. In addition, design works are to be performed considering all the requirements of the Russian environmental laws.
In the process of treatment facilities design, we use modern technologies and equipment allowing reach any capacity, necessary treatment level and provide environmental safety to the full extent, develop construction documentation for non-standard equipment of the necessary capacity considering the Customer’s requirements with the connection to the existing premises and sites.
The methodical approaches developed in “ECOSERVICE” Company, technologies and technical solutions in effluents treatment area allow solving questions of minimization of the areas occupied by treatment facilities and decreasing water consumption and discharge by means of its reuse in production.

Our projects are performed in accordance with the current trends and are aimed at decreasing construction expenses and solution of other actual problems.
In process of engineering, modern ways of designing with the use of CAD systems are applied.
The projects completely conform to the existing norms and requirements.

The projects implemented by our company

“ECOSERVICE” design department performs the following works:

Engineering department carries out the following works on designing systems:

  • Technical and commercial proposals preparation.
  • Exploratory study of the Customer’s objects with preliminary project design issuance and equipment selection;
  • Engineering:
    • Treatment facilities for industrial effluents treatment in different industries (incl. electro planting);
    • Treatment facilities for storm water in different industries;
    • Treatment facilities for car wash effluents;
    • Treatment facilities for domestic effluents;
    • Water treatment systems.

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